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Bubble film

Air bubble film - made of primary LDPE granules of the brand 15313-003, 10803-020, 15803-020, in the form of a web, the density is measured in g / m2, it is divided into two main types - two-layer and three-layer. Has various bubble diameters (d: 6.10.25mm). Two-layer film is a two-layer material. The first layer is an even, smooth film of various densities. Second layer with air bubbles. The bubbles are filled with dry air under pressure, they act as a kind of shock absorbers. A three-layer film differs from a two-layer film in that it has another layer of a smooth film on the other side. Thus, the layer with air bubbles is in the middle, between the layers with a smooth film. The film is made of food grade polyethylene, so it can be used to wrap boxes with fruits and vegetables, bakery products, and baked goods. Also, the film can be used in construction as a heat-insulating material, as protection for finished surfaces, laminate, parquet, siding, ceramic tiles, sanitary ware. For the safety of goods, during transportation, it is packed into it: office equipment and components, electronics, and equipment, auto parts, furniture, books, lamps, watches, dishes, crystal, porcelain, antiques, souvenirs, valuables and antiques and much more with similar properties. Air bubble film with special additives (light stabilizer and antifog) is used as a covering material for greenhouses (greenhouses), has many positive properties: - High heat-retaining properties due to the air gap; - The ability to ensure the passage of the part of the solar spectrum useful for plants into the greenhouse and not release heat, which excludes sudden temperature changes and protects them both from frost and overheating; - Waterproof and dustproof; - Resistance to the appearance of condensation on the greenhouse ceiling, which is harmful to many greenhouse plants; - Environmental safety and absolute harmlessness to both plants and humans; - Service life from 3 to 5 years. - And the most important among the listed advantages can be considered low thermal conductivity and high thermal insulation properties of the material. Its use allows to reduce heat loss by 35-40% in comparison with conventional film. - And if during the construction of the greenhouse or greenhouse the instructions for correct installation were exactly followed, it can be operated even in a winter greenhouse with minimal heating costs. Bubbles filled with dry air provide heat-retaining properties, that is, the film freely passes the thermal radiation of sunlight into the greenhouse. And the thermal radiation emanating from the heated soil surface (longer wavelength than the incident one) is reflected into the greenhouse. This creates a guaranteed protection of the grown crops from sudden changes in temperature and possible frost in the spring, as well as overheating in the summer. Theoretically, this film is able to protect plants in case of frosts down to minus 5 - 7 ° С. FEATURES OF GREENHOUSE FILM One three-layer structure is not enough for the covering material to perform its functions for a long time, efficiently and reliably. Therefore, manufacturers introduce special additives into polyethylene during its manufacture. They can be different and affect the performance properties of polyethylene in different ways, but the following are considered mandatory: Light-stabilizing additives prevent the damaging effects of sunlight and extend the life of the material. A greenhouse air bubble film with such additives transmits well the short waves of ultraviolet radiation necessary for plant growth, and delays the release of long infrared rays emanating from the heated soil. Anti-fog additives eliminate the lens effect when large drops of condensation accumulate on the roof of the greenhouse and break down, causing cold drops. As you can see, not every bubble film is suitable for creating shelters for plants, but only one that has the properties listed above. In addition, it should be distinguished by its thickness, which can start from 40 microns and reach 150 microns and above. The thicker the film, the stronger the material, but the lower its light transmission. Note. Greenhouse air bubble film with a thickness of 150 microns is optimal in terms of the ratio of light transmittance and strength.

Air bubble film, bubble D 10mm, 2x layer ECO, 1500mm, 10m, 1 roll
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Product description Width 1500mm, length 10 meters, 2 layers Specifications: Other COLOUR transparent Other goods Base unit rudder   vendor code 022 - 001a   NAME OF PRODUCT Air bubble film   Additional length ((m) ten   DENSITY OF MATERIAL (g / m2) 55 g /...
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